How To Pack The Perfect Picnic

Whether you’re enjoying an alfresco feast or a simple, laid-back lunch, eating outdoors requires planning ahead. From picking your kit to transportable treats, we’ve got everything you require for the very best picnic ever …

Packing The Perfect Picnic Lunch
Venturing into the outdoors with a heaving picnic hamper is among the great delights of summer. But before you settle into a shady spot to eat up your sandwiches and Scotch eggs, there’s lots of preparation to be done …

Pack With Panache
Pick your equipment carefully – absolutely nothing dampens the picnic spirits more than a leaky cool box. Prior to you set off, inspect your Tupperware is shut tight, and cover any particularly pungent items in a plastic bag. Plastic cups or bottles are best for youngsters to prevent breakages. If you’re bringing wine glasses for the grown-ups, consider packing a lightweight tray to stand them on during the pouring and in between sips, and if you’re sampling cork-sealed wine, do not forget the bottle opener!

Food Safety
There’s no need to run the risk of a funny tummy if you plan and pack carefully. Cold boxes and ice packs are necessary to make sure that items normally kept in the fridge stay as cool as possible, so keep things like meat, fish or dairy dishes stowed away, and don’t delay tucking in when you’ve reached your picnic location.

While it may look appealing to set out your fare for all to see, keeping your food on ice for as long as possible will lower the threat of having to throw out anything that’s sat in the baking sun all day. Cutting dishes such as quiche into wedges, and serving them up straight from the cool box is alway a great option. Finally, bring some hand wipes or anti-bacterial gel, and make sure that everyone’s hands are clean before they start to eat.

Cold Buddy 6 Pack Bag

Cold Buddy 6 Pack Bag

Avoid The Dreaded Soggy Sandwich
A top tip to avoid soggy salads and sandwiches is to keep components such as dressings, fillings and optional extras stored away in different containers (chilled if necessary) until they’re needed. Add ingredients like goat’s cheese or pre-chopped fruit to your dessert at the last minute, and dish out with confidence that your food is going to be at is best.

Portable Classics
Once you’ve assembled your picnic basket, it’s time to plan your picnic provisions. Sandwiches, pies, Scotch eggs and chicken drumsticks are considered traditional picnic treats for a reason – they’re all finger foods that travel well. Make a batch of perfectly portioned mini pork pies with piccalilli, or bake a big pork and rabbit pie to enjoy as a centrepiece. Bacon-wrapped or spicy Coronation drumsticks are also guaranteed to please a crowd.

Go gourmet with chorizo Scotch quail’s eggs or whip up a lighter batch of vegetarian falafel Scotch eggs. A simple tip is take your cooled dishes out of the refrigerator and wrapping in foil, then in bubble wrap before putting into your cool box, to keep them at a safe temperature for as long as possible.

Cold Buddy Wine and Lunch Bags

A Lunch Bag With Room

As a father picking up his son after his day at school, I have the opportunity to talk with some of the mothers of his class mates. Great conversations start and before long, the usual questions are asked. The one I like best is, “Which lunch bag or box does your child use?” With so many great lunch bags available, here are the feature I look for when thinking about buying a school lunch bag.

What Makes A School Lunch Bag, Great?

  • It has to fit more than just one lunch box/container.
  • Needs to keep things cold or warm!
  • It has to be strong and roomy enough, without being bulky.
  • Affordable!

I have found that the Cold Buddy Lunch bag fits all of the criteria above and more.

Cold Buddy Lunch Bag

This neoprene lunch bag keeps things cold or warm, when needed. You have enough room to fit a sandwich box, smaller snack sized container, banana and apple, cheese and biscuit snack pack and a juice box – and there’s definitely room to add an ice pack if needed. The bag also has a sturdy zip that runs back and forth smoothly. I really like the zip on the bag, as kids often spill the contents of their lunch bag if it doesn’t close up properly.

To sum it all up, this lunch bag is really terrific. Not only is it good for carrying school lunches, its the perfect answer for taking your lunch to work, picnic, or a trip to the gym or beach.

It gets 5 stars from me!

Cold Buddy Lunch Bag

How To Have A Successful Picnic Lunch

If you’re in the state of mind to prepare a great old-fashioned picnic then you might be wondering exactly what you must bring along with you to make your picnic a success. While bringing food is a given, there are likewise other items that will make your picnic more comfy and more enjoyable too. Before you go on your next picnic make certain you have each of the products listed below so that you can really enjoy your picnic.

Cold Buddy Lunch Bag

Cold Buddy Lunch Bag

Picnic Basket
Excellent picnic baskets are harder to find than you think. A specialised picnic basket shop, whether online or off, will carry the best range of picnic baskets that are made to handle various kinds of picnics. For example, if you trek and wish to hold a picnic on top of a mountain then you will value picnic backpacks instead of the common wicker baskets that are more typically found.

Depending upon your picnic spot you might have to bring along a thick or a thin blanket. Thicker blankets are good for keeping grass and leaves from poking through and making picnic goers legs scratchy. Thinner blankets on the other hand are simple to carry if you have a long way to stroll or trek before you get to your final location. Lighting Lanterns are practical if your picnic will be happening around early evening. While a sundown picnic is extremely romantic it’s not as beautiful when you wind up attempting to eat your supper in the dark. Pack a battery ran lantern and you will not have any issue seeing everyone during your picnic no matter how late it gets.

Plates and Utensils
In some cases, in the excitement of packing your picnic basket you may forget to pack plates, glasses, and utensils. To prevent this from taking place buy your picnic baskets with these products already included. Not only does this keep you from forgetting them, but picnic baskets that already consist of plates and utensils also have actually storage constructed into the basket so you will not be using up important food room.

Cold Buddy Lunch and Wine Bags

Cold Buddy Lunch and Wine Bags

While a picnic is an enjoyable means to spend your day you may wind up questioning exactly what to do when you have finished eating. Bring along some entertainment so there is no chance of getting bored during your picnic. A pack of cards, a board game, books, newspaper, or an MP3 player with travel speakers can supply all the entertainment you’ll require.

By ensuring you have all the needed equipment before you set out on your picnic you will not run the risk of getting to your picnic and wishing you had not forgotten the one thing that would make the occasion perfect.

Cold Buddy Wine and Lunch Bags

Foods That Are Perfect For Your Picnic Lunch

When you are preparing a picnic there are a couple of things that you have to think of ahead of time such as the date of your picnic and the place. Another essential choice you’ll need to make is exactly what to load inside your picnic baskets. There are some foods like soup or ice cream that are not a good fit for your picnic basket. Then there are foods that appear to have actually been developed especially for a picnic. Below are the very best food concepts to load inside picnic baskets. Next time you have a picnic attempt one or all these foods and be ready for a terrific outside meal.

When you initially choose to pack a picnic lunch, do sandwiches instantly come to mind? They are the best food to pack due to the fact that you can put them together ahead of time, load them without worrying about spillage, and eat them with your hands as soon as you get to your designated picnic area. From ham and cheese sandwiches to peanut butter and jelly you cannot fail packaging sandwiches for your picnic.

Like sandwiches, picnic baskets are perfectly made for bringing kebobs. Kebabs are a terrific way to load your food with a punch with little preparation. You can put nearly any sort of tasty food on a kebab and they will look yummy and taste fantastic. Attempt putting together fruit, grilled meat or chicken cubes, veggies, tofu, cheese cubes, or a mix of these active ingredients on your next kebab.

Fruit salad, tossed salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, pasta salad, tuna salad, there is a reason salads are often a staple within a jam-packed picnic baskets. Salads are simple to throw up and do not need cooking or cooling. In fact, aside from a standard tossed salad the majority of them do not need dressings either.

Lazy Day | Cold Buddy

Lazy Picnic Day | Cold Buddy

Grilled Chicken
Packaging already grilled or rotisserie chicken can be a simple method to bring a main course with you in your picnic basket. You can barbecue your very own chicken or get an affordable rotisserie chicken from the supermarket. If you decide to barbecue your very own chicken you can utilise chicken breasts and cut them up or you can bring drumsticks or wings instead. Drumsticks and wings can be quickly served and eaten at your picnic. If you purchase a rotisserie chicken cut it up first at home and pack up the pieces inside your picnic basket for a easy way to eat it.

There are a range of various foods to bring when you load a picnic. By selecting foods that are prepared ahead of time and do not need heating or unique sauces you will make picnic preparation simple, and you will likewise have a more enjoyable time with your family and friends.

Cold Buddy Lunch Bags

Helpful Hints On Caring For Your Cold Buddy Bag.

Strong, soft and architecturally lovely to look at and feel, your Cold Buddy Neoprene Bag needs to be taken care of to ensure you get the best results possible. Although we believe that you will look after your helpful little travel companion, we have also provided a listed of instruction and advice below, on the best ways to look after your neoprene bag:

The Ultimate How To Guide For Caring For Your Neoprene Bag

  • Avoid rough surface areas, sharp objects and grease and oil. Although the neoprene has an aqua seal to help protect the bag, wash the bag as soon as you can if it becomes stained.
  • DO NOT hold against non-colour fast fabrics as the colour will rub onto your bag.

Cold Buddy Lunch and Wine Bags

Cold Buddy Lunch and Wine Bags

Cold Buddy BagsWash Care Instructions

  • Use a delicate machine wash cycle with cold water. Use a gentle detergent, rinse thoroughly, drip dry and make sure the item is completely dry before use.
  • Ensure any metal zip or hook is done up on the bag before placing into the washing machine.
  • Stain remover (non-chlorine only) can be applied straight to stubborn marks. Firmly blot the material but DO NOT rub the fabric as it will create an area of wear, finally rinse thoroughly.
  • A simple lint roller/ brush is the best way to remove surface dust and dirt.
  • DO NOT dry-clean, tumble dry or iron.

I hope this information helps and your Cold Buddy bag serves you well for many years to come!


Planning For The Perfect Picnic

Beyond a beautiful picnicking area and somebody to share it with there’s not much needed to enjoy dining al fresco. But if you’re planning to have a perfectly prepared picnic without any common disasters like soggy sandwiches and spoiled potato salad, a little more preparation will not harm. Here are 15 things to always pack when it comes to a picnic.

Lunching out doors is a wonderful chance to take pleasure in warm breezes and sunny views, but all that outside time can catch up with your skin. Make your picnic one to remember for the fun, not the sunburns, by packing sun block. While lunching under an umbrella or tree can reduce the effect of UV rays, skin damage is still possible in the shade.

Even if you’re not toting kids to the park, baby wipes are an ideal as a picnic companion. While hand sanitiser likewise kills off germs, wet wipes can remove dirt and stains, cleaning up better before and after you chow down.

A day in the park can help you meet a new range of pesky friends, Bugs! Lower the possibilities of insect bites by taking along and freely applying insect repellent. Repellents with DEET, lemon eucalyptus oil and picaridin normally last longer than other sprays, and work best when used after sun block.

It’s simple to opt for picnic destinations that have chairs or tables provided, but on a beautiful day, seating might be limited. Don’t forget to bring along a blanket for both seating and spreading your lunch fare. Make sure you have sufficient space for everybody.

Sydney Australia | Cold Buddy

Planning For The Perfect Picnic


Making a large pitcher of sweet tea (or sangria) seems like a simple way to share drinks, but bottled drinks are a better choice. Small bottled drinks remove the need for individual cups which is one less thing to pack and wash later on. Also chilled bottles act as extra icepacks to keep heat-sensitive foods cool, and unlike pitchers, are less likely to leak. Resealable bottles also prevent accidental spills from clumsy picnickers.

Keep from turning to desperate measures by remembering to pack a bottle opener for those bottles with pry-off lids. The same goes for another picnic necessary: the corkscrew.

A little knife can be one of the most versatile tools in a picnic basket, used to spread mayo or pry open a bottle of wine if you forget to pack a corkscrew. Plus, slicing fruit or cutting sandwiches at your picnic destination (instead of beforehand) can help keep foods fresh through sweltering heat or sun. Small blades that fold or have a sheaths are best for storing in your basket; some cutlery manufacturers make knives with picnics and outdoor meals in mind.

Whether your picnic consists of a walking in the woods or just a day at the neighbourhood park, a first aid kit is a must. Basic supplies like bandages, aspirin, and creams can keep an eventful day fun instead of uncomfortable.

Instead of lugging the entire bottle of ketchup, uses small condiment packets from restaurants or takeaways shops to contribute to your basket. The smaller packets will save you from taking much bulkier shakers and bottles.

While napkins or paper towels are easy to pack and dispose of, a sturdy kitchen towel offers more versatility. Towels can be used to cover foods from bugs, offer extra protection when twisted around wine glasses or bottles, and can do a much better job of absorbing spills than handfuls of paper napkins. If you’re feeling fancy, kitchen towels can also be used to wrap up picnic snacks, creating an easy to use lunch sack that folds away when finished.

You don’t have to be a scout to follow the guideline of leaving your picnic site “cleaner than you found it.” Tuck a trash bag into your basket so that every piece of garbage makes it to a garbage can or home with you. Bin bags can also double as rain ponchos in case of unanticipated summertime storms, or if sliced open, can lay under your blanket to keep damp grass from seeping through.

Mayonnaise-based foods like potato salad can spoil and delicate greens can wilt in the summertime heat, so if chilled water bottles aren’t enough to keep your cooler or picnic basket cold, toss in a couple of frozen ice packs.

Cold Buddy Lunch Bag

Cold Buddy Lunch Bag


Many picnic foods, like sandwiches and fruit, don’t require any silverware, which is exactly what makes them ideal for a day in the park. But common picnic salads, like potato or macaroni, can be difficult to serve and eat without a large spoon. Pack extra utensils just in case, or at least serving spoons for foods that can be scooped or dipped with chips.

Getting out on a picnic adventure is a memory for the scrapbook, so charge up your phone or bring your camera for an afternoon of pictures. (Think about packing a portable battery charger to make sure you never lack power.).

While picnics are often focused on food, half the fun is enjoying the outdoors. Kites, Frisbees and balls are common picnic toys, but you don’t need to move around just because it’s traditional. Hang around reading or drawing for a leisurely and relaxing experience after all, isn’t that the point of an afternoon picnic?

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