How To Care For Your Cold Buddy Bag

Helpful Hints On Caring For Your Cold Buddy Bag.

Strong, soft and architecturally lovely to look at and feel, your Cold Buddy Neoprene Bag needs to be taken care of to ensure you get the best results possible. Although we believe that you will look after your helpful little travel companion, we have also provided a listed of instruction and advice below, on the best ways to look after your neoprene bag:

The Ultimate How To Guide For Caring For Your Neoprene Bag

  • Avoid rough surface areas, sharp objects and grease and oil. Although the neoprene has an aqua seal to help protect the bag, wash the bag as soon as you can if it becomes stained.
  • DO NOT hold against non-colour fast fabrics as the colour will rub onto your bag.

Cold Buddy Lunch and Wine Bags

Cold Buddy Lunch and Wine Bags

Cold Buddy BagsWash Care Instructions

  • Use a delicate machine wash cycle with cold water. Use a gentle detergent, rinse thoroughly, drip dry and make sure the item is completely dry before use.
  • Ensure any metal zip or hook is done up on the bag before placing into the washing machine.
  • Stain remover (non-chlorine only) can be applied straight to stubborn marks. Firmly blot the material but DO NOT rub the fabric as it will create an area of wear, finally rinse thoroughly.
  • A simple lint roller/ brush is the best way to remove surface dust and dirt.
  • DO NOT dry-clean, tumble dry or iron.

I hope this information helps and your Cold Buddy bag serves you well for many years to come!


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