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Neoprene isn’t just used for wetsuits. It protects against, spills, splashes, bumps, and drops, making it perfect for safeguarding and insulating your lunch, and anything else you want to carry in your Cold Buddy tote bag.

  • Enjoy A Picnic With Cold Buddy

    Creating The Perfect Picnic

    Venturing into the outdoors with a heaving picnic hamper is among the great delights of summer. But before you settle into a shady spot to eat up your sandwiches and Scotch eggs, there's lots of
  • Cold Buddy Lunch Bag

    My New Favourite Lunch Bag!

    This neoprene lunch bag keeps things cold or warm, when needed. You have enough room to fit a sandwich box, smaller snack sized container, banana and apple, cheese and biscuit snack pack and a
  • Picnic | Cold Buddy

    Making A Picnic A Success!

    If you’re in the state of mind to prepare a great old-fashioned picnic then you might be wondering exactly what you must bring along with you to make your picnic a success. While bringing food is
  • Picnic With Cold Buddy

    Picnic Lunch Ideas

    When you are preparing a picnic there are a couple of things that you have to think of ahead of time such as the date of your picnic and the place. Another essential choice you’ll need to make is
  • Cold Buddy Lunch and Wine Bags

    How To Care For Your Cold Buddy Bag

    Strong, soft and architecturally lovely to look at and feel, your Cold Buddy Neoprene Bag needs to be taken care of to ensure you get the best results possible. Although we believe that you will
  • Cold Buddy | Picnic

    15 Things to Always Pack For a Picnic

    Beyond a beautiful picnicking area and somebody to share it with there’s not much needed to enjoy dining al fresco. But if you’re planning to have a perfectly prepared picnic without any common

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