My New Favourite Lunch Bag!

A Lunch Bag With Room

As a father picking up his son after his day at school, I have the opportunity to talk with some of the mothers of his class mates. Great conversations start and before long, the usual questions are asked. The one I like best is, “Which lunch bag or box does your child use?” With so many great lunch bags available, here are the feature I look for when thinking about buying a school lunch bag.

What Makes A School Lunch Bag, Great?

  • It has to fit more than just one lunch box/container.
  • Needs to keep things cold or warm!
  • It has to be strong and roomy enough, without being bulky.
  • Affordable!

I have found that the Cold Buddy Lunch bag fits all of the criteria above and more.

Cold Buddy Lunch Bag

This neoprene lunch bag keeps things cold or warm, when needed. You have enough room to fit a sandwich box, smaller snack sized container, banana and apple, cheese and biscuit snack pack and a juice box – and there’s definitely room to add an ice pack if needed. The bag also has a sturdy zip that runs back and forth smoothly. I really like the zip on the bag, as kids often spill the contents of their lunch bag if it doesn’t close up properly.

To sum it all up, this lunch bag is really terrific. Not only is it good for carrying school lunches, its the perfect answer for taking your lunch to work, picnic, or a trip to the gym or beach.

It gets 5 stars from me!

Cold Buddy Lunch Bag

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